The Oriental Express Entertainment LLC 2014

Back In The Saddle Productions LLC (BITS) in association with Legacy Film Studios Of Texas has trademarked the Oriental Express Entertainment LLC company brand. This newly developed enterprise will serve as a production and distribution channel for American or (Western) film and television programs into the Far East Markets, in particular to Main Land China, as well as vice versa.

The premise was to create an online screening room service where filmmakers can showcase their films to potential buyers on either side of the world. The service named The Oriental Express (TOE) will provide screening services as well as marketing representatives and/or agents for some of the films. 




The Oriental Express, LLC has just finalized their acq-

uisition of the rights to  “25 Words” (Once upon a time, words   were   worth   their weight  in  gold)  an  award winning  documentary film. We will  be  packaging  the film  for  broadcast   in  the US,   Chinese,   and  world wide  market  with Mr Sam Donaldson as our Host and Moderator.                       .   


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